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Eyelash Extensions


Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions that last for 2 months or  longer. These are the hot new rage. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions that give you longer, thicker and very natural looking eyelashes. They look so natural no one will know they are not yours!

Semi-Permanent Eyelash extensions are worn by famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and sisters, Nicole Kidman, Star Jones, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Gwen Stefani, Lucy Liu, Naomi Campbell and Liz Hurley to name a few. But you don't have to be a celebrity to wear them. Women everywhere are catching on and becoming Lash Addicted!

Benefits are:-
Last for 2 months or longer.
 Natural and weightless, feel and look like real lashes.
 Very relaxing and comfortable procedure.
 Everyday wear as well as for special occasions.
Resistant to water, showering, sweat, tears, swimming, workouts and sleep.

We specialize in this revolutionary new service that will extend your natural eyelashes and draw attention to your eyes. Extensions are perfect for everyday
wear as well as special occasions. They are semi-permanent and made from synthetic fibers. Each lash is applied one by one to your own natural lashes. With proper care and touch up visits they can last a very long time.

Normally a person's natural eyelash falls out every 60 - 90 days and a new lash grows in immediately. A very few natural la
sh hair will fall every week during these 60-90 days period and therefore,it is necessary to get touch-ups to fill in the fallen lashes. About every 2 to 3 weeks refills are recommended, however, this will vary from person to person. Your natural lash cycle as well as how you take care of your lashes will affect how long they last. Some clients have had their extensions for over a year with regular touch ups visits.

The extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They provide length and thickness to your own lashes and are available in varying lengths and thickness. They are applied to your individual eyelashes, one lash at a time. There is no need for mascara even though a water based mascara is fine to use. The result is thicker, longer, eye opening eyelashes that are safe in the shower, while swimming, sleeping or exercising.

Procedure time is an hour and a half for full set and half an hour for refills.

Our promise to you is that no body in town can provide you this specialized service with precision at the cost that we offer here at Indiana Permanent Cosmetics and Skin Care.

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