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Training Information

About Myself

My name is Harjeet Kaur and my clients also call me “Jeet”. I did my Masters degree in Dietetics (1995) and worked as a Clinical Dietician for several years before I changed my career and ventured into the world of Permanent and Para-medical Cosmetics. I found this new career as my calling and it is my inborn talent/art that does not ever make me tired or feel monotonous about my work. Every client is unique; therefore, the artwork that brings out the best in them has to be unique too. So, I thrive to keep it creative with every procedure.

Applying Eyelash Extensions with perfection is an intricate art that can be mastered with 3 P’s (Passion, Patience and Practice). The Training for application of eyelash extensions by a master is what it takes to have a good start in the direction towards this amazing career.

I have been one of the first ones in Indianapolis, Indiana, who offered the lash extension application services back in 2008. My work is my passion. I have not advertised in last 4 years and have stayed busy with just Word of Mouth. I have done about 1000 plus applications each year and along my practice path, I came across many challenging situations in terms of- textures of lash hair amongst various ethnicities, damaged lashes, pulled out lashes and many other such situations where clients needed help with. I have successfully fixed almost all kind of difficult lashes.

With my extensive experience in Lash Extension Application, I am motivated to induct a very high quality education that will empower my students to confidently venture into this industry and make it big for themselves. Unlike many big companies who push their products through education, my goal is to impart solid understanding of the technique and help my students to attain high skill set for the application of lash extensions.

I have done a lot of research to put together this training program and established most effective and long lasting applications.

Learn this exciting and profitable skill and Become a JB certified Lash Stylist…

Rate list

Standard Kit-$450 must be purchased before the class.

Certificate is included in the Tuition Fee.

1 Day Training (8hrs)


Beginner’s Hand on lash Training

2 Days Training (12-14 hrs.)


Beginner’s plus Advance Techniques Hands-On Training


1&1/2 day Training


(Conditions apply)


1&1/2 day Training


Per student

(Conditions apply)

Schedule for lash Training






2 days Training

Monday 03/17/2014 & Tuesday 03/18/2014



8.30 am -4.30 pm

Seats open


Most of my classes are 1 to 4 or Maximum-1 to 6 students

1 day class (Beginner’s level) Description:

Covers basic technique, safety, and client care. Students will receive the opportunity to practice applying extensions on a live model (provided by the student or on each other in the class) under the supervision of a Master Level Trainer.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of Eyelash Extensions
  • Products to Use For Application
  • Hygiene and Safety of you and your client
  • Proper, efficient use and handling of tools
  • Preparing the Client’s eyes and lashes for the procedure
  • Lash Selection
  • Thorough application process
    • Lash Bonding & Effective Bonding Tips
    • Lash Solution
    • Lash Framing Troubleshooting/ designing the look that works best with your clients eyes
  • Removal Process
  • After Care and Product Knowledge
  • Recommended Cost of Service
  • Marketing Tips & Tools

2-Day class (Beginner and Advance) description – In addition to the beginner’s course, this class presents:

  • Additional hands-on practice
  • Teaches how to handle the client enquiries and subsequently convert a query into dollar amount
  • How to confidently deal with many challenging lash situation
  • How to enhance the speed of an application
  • Practice special quick-dry adhesive techniques and advanced techniques for removing extensions

JB Certification

After successful completion of the training program in the class, practice several application procedures on various models at your own. Then send me your work’s best pictures -3 pictures (before and after, close eyes and open eyes) for at least total of 3 models. So, you would need to send total of 9 pictures to apply for the certification. Once the work is accepted and approved, you will be awarded the certification. In case the work is not approved, you may attend the class again with me at the charge of $200.00 only.

Cancellation Policy:

All paid tuition and supply fees to trainer or JB Cosmetics are FINAL, non refundable and non transferrable. All pre-arranged travel fees incurred by client, salon, or spa are the responsibility of the client. 

IPCSC holds the responsibility of committing to the arranged training schedule. 

Some trainers may allow clients to hold cancelled classes as a class credit towards a future training date. This credit is not a promise or a guarantee. 

To be eligible for a possible credit, the trainer must be notified within 48 hours. Any notification less than 48 hours before the schedule course is subject to permanent cancellation, and re-application for a new course would be required. Client will have to re-pay for a newly scheduled course.

Training Refund Policy

When you reserve a Training Program with JB Lashes a seat will be held for you in a specified class and is then unavailable to other interested students. Each Training Program is planned in detail to accommodate a specific number of students by arranging for supplies and ensuring adequate partners are available. In order to cover the costs of modifying these arrangements due to Cancellations and Rescheduling the following fees apply to all Training purchases:

There is a non-refundable charge of $250 should you CANCEL your Training MORE THAN ten (10) days prior to your scheduled training date. If you cancel your Training WITHIN 1 (one) to 10 (ten) days prior to your scheduled Training date, a non-refundable charge of $350 will apply. If you do not cancel your Training prior to the Training date, we will not be able to refund any of your Training fee. No-Shows, No refunds.

Should you need to reschedule due to an unforeseen conflict, we will do our best to accommodate you. We ask that you inform us as soon as possible. A rescheduling fee of $150.00 will apply if you reschedule within one to seven days prior to Training date.

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